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No CADEX Line Fees

No Transaction Fees

No VAN costs

Get Compliant!

CBSA updated its CIG protocols. All trading partners must be compliant by January 15, 2015 in order to continue sending EDI transactions over the Internet. CustomsNet will ensure you meet the most recent CBSA CIG standards.

CustomsNet fees is compliant with the latest SHA256 encyrption standard as mandated by CBSA.

Welcome to CustomsNet

CustomsNet is secure communications software to connect directly with CBSA CIG (Canada Customs' 'Customs Internet Gateway') using your existing internet connection. This eliminates dependence on CADEX lines or VAN services.

Use our premium 2015 secure transmission software to get the connectivity you need with CBSA.

CustomsNet is tailored to your needs with the deployment and testing support you expect.

Join our growing list of satisfied clients. Have the confidence that your secure Customs Internet Gateway works as reliably as CADEX lines with CustomsNet.

Please call us at (613)288-2839 to get more information about the latest CBSA updates as well as setup support .

In addition, we provide EDI compliant dashboard interfaces for generating and processing RNS and B3 accounting transactions with CBSA.




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Electronic data interchange (EDI) connection with Canada Customs CIG using approved CustomsNet PKI encryption


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